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new to this community

tashi delek....

i'm so glad there is this lj community honouring h.h. the Dalai Lama....this is wonderful.
but i would also like to remind my brothers and sisters who look at this site that i'm sure His holiness would prefer we try to focus more on the plight of the tibetan people more, and the suffering in our world as well as to learn from one another about our insights or whatever we have to share that we might have learned from the Dharma in order to help someone else who might need much as he would be honoured and feel the love and admiration he is being given.
although he is regarded by the tibetan people as the very manifestation and reincarnation of the Bodhisattva of compassion - Chenrezig -, and millions of other people around the world as the nobel prize winner for peace; His holiness sees himself as a simple tibetan monk.
thank you for putting this site together and thank you to you all for keeping it going.....
auspicious greetings/tashi delek-

p.s. please kindly add me to your new community.
" long as suffering remains in the world, may i always be (reborn) there in order to help others..."
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