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Don't ask me why this has taken ahold of me so strongly. Maybe it is because I'm a Mother. I look at my daughter and think of how ultimately crushed I would be if someone took my daughter. Then, I think of the fact that the people who took this child are known ... yet he's not been returned. It's unfathomable to me. Maybe it is because years ago, I was a witness in a murder trial of an innocent child ... so horrors befalling children just take hold of me strongly now. Maybe it is because the more I learn about Buddhism, the plight of Tibet, and the Dalai Lama ( ... I find the utmost awe, respect, reverence and inspiration in them ... and can't understand how the world can issue the Dalai Lama the Nobel Peace Prize ... but can't get him back the 6 year old political prisoner that was kidnapped from him by the Chinese government. The world can see to it that he can be given the Nobel Peace Prize, but can't see to it to Free Tibet?!? What is with that?!?

Y E S ... this is a messed up world. If anything, this proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

To let you know: China has kidnapped and is holding the worlds youngest political prisoner. Gedun Choekyi Nyima, The Panchen Lama ( His Amber Alert can be seen by clicking on that link.

I can't understand how the Dalai Lama can have given so much to this world, and we've not seen fit to stand up and give him something back. It's not right. I'm writing this to urge you sign the petition on the Amber Alert website for the Panchen Lama (link above) ... to write your newspapers ... write your senators (at this homepage: ... write the UN (at this homepage: ... pass this LiveJournal entry along to anywhere and everywhere ... write to corporations (they have direct influence with China. If it can't be done politically, it should be done corporately. If corporations are truely going to take over the global world economies, then such power should be called upon and made required of them ... a global activist conscience.) ... if you're a student, establish a Students For A Free Tibet (at this homepage: and get this known.

What would you do if your child was taken? What would you do if you knew who took him?
This is enough. This insanity in the world needs to be demanded to stop.
Kill the oppressive apathy that society has used for so long to quiet so many and speak up.
This is enough...
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