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Activism Time...

"The time is always right to do what is right" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

On March 10th, Tibetans and their supporters commemorate the fateful day in 1959 when Tibetans rose up against China’s illegal invasion and occupation of their country. Chinese troops responded with brutal force and on March 17th the Dalai Lama and members of the Tibetan government were forced to flee to India. In the months that followed the uprising, tens of thousands of Tibetan men, women and children were massacred and imprisoned. Please, click here to fill out the form to send to Hu Jintao, Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party. This should have been posted two days ago, but I was lagging behind in my email due to the sick baby girl at my house. HOWEVER, from March 10th to March 17th marks the uprising against the Chinese invasion and subsequent fleeing of the Dalai Lama from his home. So, signing this petition anywhere between these days seems just as apropo.

"Nonviolence does not mean that we remain indifferent to a problem. On the contrary,
it is important to be fully engaged. However, we must behave in a way that does not
benefit us alone. We must not harm the interests of others. Nonviolence therefore is
not merely the absence of violence. It involves a sense of compassion and caring. It
is almost a manifestation of compassion. I strongly believe that we must promote such
a concept of nonviolence at the level of the family as well as at the national and
international levels. Each individual has the ability to contribute to such
compassionate nonviolence.

How should we go about this? We can start with ourselves. We must try to develop
greater perspective, looking at situations from all angles. Usually when we face
problems, we look at them from our own point of view. We even sometimes deliberately
ignore other aspects of a situation. This often leads to negative consequences.
However, it is very important for us to have a broader perspective.

We must come to realize that others are also part of our society. We can think of our
society as a body, with arms and legs as parts of it. Of course, the arm is different
from the leg; however, if something happens to the foot, the hand should reach down
to help. Similarly, when something is wrong within our society, we must help." --Dalai Lama
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