Throatwarbler Mangrove (yougimmepanda) wrote in hisholinessdl,
Throatwarbler Mangrove

Just a heads-up.

I have never posted here before, but figured I should: I just received an email confirmation regarding tickets I applied for for an event in Seattle, WA that is happening on the weekend of April 11-15. If you want more information, go to There is a free public event at the Qwest Field - all you have to do is email Seeds of Compassion and request tickets. There are several events to attend that weekend, both at the Qwest Events Center and elsewhere in the city (all listed on the website). I do not know if there are still tickets left, or what the seating will be like, but it is too excellent of an opportunity to pass up, so sign up if you can! :) I have never seen His Holiness in person, so this will be super awesome. :D
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